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Legal XM  specializes in background checks utilizing modern technology to get up-to-the-minute information.
We gain unique access to information that we acquire from public records and reports in  19,519 cities, 16,360 towns, and 3,031 counties.

The report you receive is tailored by our investigators to provide you a relevant and complete view, from which you can base a confident, well informed decision.


Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business - Search Over 450 Million Records in 50 States

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Most Online Background Checks are returned within hours, or the same day; the average turn-around time is 1-2 days.

If you are a company or have a large number of background checks to be done, contact us via email  for a possible discount.

Since 2008 we strive to acquire and update our database with as many county and municipal court records as possible, especially in states that do not collect criminal record data at the state level. See our full services here

Background Checks may include Offense History, Sentences, Convictions, Past Aliases, Criminal Records, Police and Arrest Records, Social Media, Mugshots, Photos, Contact Info and More. We send you a full report and information you can understand. Use this information responsibly. Read Full Disclaimer Page Here


* We DO NOT  distribute, sell, or rent your name or personal information to any third party. This includes any e-mail addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses that you provide. All our conversation, files, forms, etc are kept strictly confidential.