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This is the official app of Legal XM Network – A quick and efficient way to get legal help.

At the touch of a button, get connected with Leading Law Firms, Attorneys, Detective Agencies or Bail Bonds Companies near you. Our network of dedicated lawyers and detectives works diligently to keep individuals, families and businesses safe.


How it works:

Legal XM is integrating modern technology with the practical application of law in order to better serve you. This application prompts you to answer a few questions. These answers are then transmitted to our office. Once received we then review your case and have an Attorney or a Detective contact you back. All your information will be kept confidential in compliance with all state, federal and International laws. For disclaimer or more details and information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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** If you are an Attorney at Law or Law Firm in which there is at least one Legal XM member attorney or detective services, you may join Legal XM at the “Additional Member” rate of $149.00. After applying  for additional members please contact our office at 1. 619. 846. 2123  so that your account can be properly linked  with your firm.   See  Plans and Prices  Here

* We DO NOT  distribute, sell, or rent your name or personal information to any third party. This includes any e-mail addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses that you provide. All our conversation, files, forms, etc are kept strictly confidential.